We believe that our success is due to the great team we have at the firm.  Our firm culture and our exceptional client services is what sets us apart.  Across the firm, we continue to look for individuals that are hard working, independent thinkers.  All inquiries and resumes should be submitted to



Our attorneys engage in challenging work while continuing to develop legal and client service skills.   We are committed to our open work environment.  We feel that unselfish cooperation is essential to delivering the top notch customer service and enables our office to effectively service our clients.   Whether you just passed the bar or are looking for a change later in your career, we are committed to your success.  It’s not only our desire, but our expectation.

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Dalton & Finegold offers an extraordinary working environment where collaboration, initiative and intellectual curiosity are encouraged. To attract and retain the most talented individuals, the firm is committed to providing an engaging and friendly environment in which all members of the firm are valued for their contributions. The firm provides continuous learning opportunities for staff to provide the highest quality services to clients, both internally and externally
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One of the primary goals throughout internships we offer, is to provide a realistic sense of life as an employee at Dalton & Finegold . The  program is designed to enable each intern to demonstrate the professional qualities and skills valued in the firm, and at the same time to expose him/her to the type of work done at the firm, firm culture, and the different practice areas the firm.  Dalton & Finegold is dedicated to the professional growth and training offered in this program.

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