Trustee Services

Trustee Services

Dalton & Finegold can provide professional trustee services by serving as a trustee of a client’s trust, serving as co-trustee with a named person, or being hired and named by a beneficiary as dictated by the terms of the trust itself. Our attorneys and staff can assist with the following trust administration tasks:

  • Real Estate transaction services to provide utmost client privacy
  • Accounting
  • Payment of bills and distributions
  • Annual meetings
  • Investment supervision
  • Tax Return Preparation Supervision
  • Strategize and develop distribution and spending plans to provide for beneficiary’s currents needs, as well as planning for future anticipated needs

Further, we are able to serve a Trustee for our Irrevocable Trust and Supplemental Needs Trust clients. Given the intricacies and sensitive nature of these trusts, we recognize the importance of direct communication with the attorney serving. This allows us to explain the allowed and disallowed distributions under the terms of the trust and remind the beneficiaries of the importance of the trust itself during difficult situations. Oftentimes we are named in these types of trusts to alleviate the burden of the surviving family members so the family can keep personal relationship separate from business relationships.

During our initial consultation meeting to discuss the trust in question, as well as the trusteeship engagement, we will clearly outline our fee structure as no two trusts are alike.  We may be bound by the terms of the trust for compensation, but routinely we bill hourly for our services. Again, during the initial meeting it would be outlined and then detailed in a follow up formal engagement letter we both sign.

Our attorneys have many years of experience acting as trustee, and we welcome the opportunity to serve as your trustee. If you are interested in nominating a non-family, professional trustee, or someone that you can rely on carrying out the exact terms of your trust, please reach out so we can discuss your specific situation in detail.

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Trustee Services Attorneys

Crosby Elliott
Partner - Trusts & Estates

Ashley Evirs
Partner - Trusts & Estates

Paul J. Gagliardi
Partner - Residential & Commercial
Real Estate, Trusts & Estates

Andrea Rutherford
Associate - Trusts & Estates

Althea B. Volper
Associate – Trusts & Estates

Susan Mooney
Partner - Trust & Estates


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