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Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney – Two MUST HAVE Documents

Creating Simple but Powerful Protections

It can be frightening to think about potential health issues, but there are two simple documents that can help ease these fears: the Health Care Proxy* and the Power of Attorney. Taking the time to create these documents can protect your health, your finances, and your family during difficult situations. These documents give you a voice when you cannot speak for yourself.

The Health Care Proxy and the Power of Attorney serve a common purpose: naming an “agent,” such as a friend or a family member, to act as your voice in the event of incapacity. The Health Care Proxy allows this agent to make medical decisions for you, while the Power of Attorney allows your agent to manage your financial affairs. These agents – who can but do not have to be the same person – can step in when you clearly cannot take care of yourself.

At first glance, these two documents may seem unnecessary, especially if you are young and do not have any serious medical issues. However, the future is unpredictable – and these simple documents can ensure that, even in the worst case scenario, you are being cared for by someone you trust. The Health Care Proxy and the Power of Attorney can serve as your safety net, while also giving your family peace of mind during difficult times.

No Protection Can Cause Unexpected Expenses

By contrast, not having these documents can prove inconvenient, confusing, and even detrimental to one’s health and finances. Without a Health Care Proxy, a court may need to appoint a guardian to determine your medical treatment, which means administrative headaches and court expenses. Similarly, the absence of a Power of Attorney could lead to court proceedings to appoint a conservator to manage your property and finances, which means additional expenses and inconvenience. In these situations, the court may not have context for your preexisting relationship, if any, with the appointed person – which can ultimately leave you under the care of someone you would never have chosen yourself.

By creating a Health Care Proxy and a Power of Attorney, you can ensure that those you trust will be able to look out for your best interests when you cannot. These two simple documents can prove invaluable in protecting yourself and your family.

Creating these documents is easy and ultimately safeguards you.  Fill out the form below to speak with one of our estate planning attorneys today to start creating your estate plan. The first meeting is always free.

*The Health Care Proxy may also be called a Healthcare Power of Attorney. The term “Health Care Proxy” is used throughout this piece to prevent confusion.

Law Offices of Susan M. Mooney joins Dalton & Finegold

We are pleased to announce that effective November 1, 2022, The Law Offices of Susan M. Mooney joins the law firm of Dalton & Finegold LLP.

The Law Offices of Susan M. Mooney was originally founded in 1989 (as Carey and Mooney, P.C.).  The Law Offices of Susan M. Mooney, P.C. was established in 2001 after Attorney Paula M. Carey, became a member of the Massachusetts judiciary.  The firm has provided legal representation to more than 3,000 individual clients and their families over thirty-three (33) years of practice.  Susan and her team are committed to providing zealous and effective legal representation in a variety of practice areas, including estate planning, probate and trust matters and elder law.  They take great pride in providing personal attention to the needs of each individual client.  Susan and her team are devoted to providing the attention and commitment necessary to represent the interests of each client and strive to obtain the best possible results for them.

Looking toward the future, Susan felt it was important to be part of a well-respected law firm not only capable of continuing to represent her clients in and around the Stoneham area, but a firm who is just as committed to providing a high level of service that the community has come to expect from The Law Offices of Susan M. Mooney.  Susan will be working along with Partner Ashley Evirs as she transitions to Dalton & Finegold.

“As Managing Partner at Dalton & Finegold, I speak for the whole firm when I say we are very excited to welcome Susan Mooney and her excellent staff to the D&F team.  You can expect to receive the same great service you have enjoyed for so many years just under a new name!” says Barry Finegold, Managing Partner/Founder of Dalton & Finegold LLP.

Susan will maintain her office in Stoneham at 51 Main Street and phone number: 781-279-2234.   

Dalton & Finegold was founded in 2000 by Barry Finegold and Bill Dalton and has been servicing clients in the practice areas of real estate, estate planning and real estate litigation for the past 22 years.  Recognized in 2022 by the Boston Business Journal as Fast 50, Dalton & Finegold continues to grow smartly, ensuring that every client receives personalized service designed to meet their needs.